Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fundraiser for Autism

What some really great scrapbooking stuff and want to support something worth wild? Well you can do it at the same time by buying some stuff from Misty O'Brien Designs. Don't take my word for it.... Check it out on her blog
Misty O'Brien Deisgns

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Messy Text Templates by Photo Cowgirl

Well first off, Happy St. Patrick's Day! We are indeed Irish and to celebrate the festivities, we are having mostly green food toady. And hopefully a little craft. To celebrate here's my St. Patrick's Day Page. The template was from Photo Cowgirl. I LOVE her templates, they make me do stuff I otherwise wouldn't be doing. After a while, I'm hoping some of it wears off into my style.

Here's the template pack. As usual it's a 4 pack. I didn't have time to do more than one. I should be slowing down with the nice weather approaching.
Template-Messy Text template by Photo Cowgirl
Kit: So Lucky Mini by Photo Cowgirl
BG-March Clip its with So lucky Mini
Leaves-With Love Always Collab by Digi Resort Designs and Doll-Designs by Helly
Alpha: March Alpha by Photo Cowgirl

Sunday, March 14, 2010

SS and Chitter chatter

First some chitter chatter, since it is 6:30Am and I am awake after only sleeping for 2hrs, I figured I would finally update this thing (explains why this is being updated). It really is a job and it seems as though I should get paid for it lol. It's a Sunday morning and I have yet to do the bulletin. You can see where my priorities lie. It's been windy and rainy here for awhile but at least the last of the snow is melting and Corey can finally see his bike.

This week is St. Patrick's Day and I have a whole menu planned. Breakfast shall start with Green eggs and pancakes. My husband insists we need ham lol. Lunch, I was thinking ham with green mac and cheese and green mashed potatoes. And for supper, a 'real' Irish and dumpling stew.

I've been inspired to cook and clean more since joining Jen Grahams two new groups on facebook; #speedclean and What's for dinner? Makes cleaning actually fun =)

And now for a few pages I've made over the past 2 weeks. They are ones that I didn't have to make for any kind of requirement and therefore better showcase who I am.

This is my beautiful Niece Gabby from Valentines 2009. She's so precious. Did I mention, she's going to be a Big sis? Her mommy, Michelle is expecting 3 days before Isaiah's birthday. Should make for an interesting party. Not that I'm complaining but something else to do in Oct! Jeeish! I'm sure October will be filling up even sooner now. 8th-Dad and Grace, 25th-Baby Butz, 28th-Isaiah. Not to mention, Fall festivities, Halloween and some anniversaries.

Sorry So off track here. So this was a SS (shocker I know), at Digi Scrap and Dive with Mandy Mane. I used Digi Design Resorts Feb Collab kit. With Love always. I got it for FREE for only doing 6 challenges!!!! Works for me. Now I'm working towards some eye candy at Scrappity Doo Dah.

This was from another SS. I can't remember where lol. I Think Ginger Scraps. We visited the Crayola Crayon Factory in February.
I used..
Side Walk Chalk by Just so Scrappy
Alpha and dot spatter *both recolored-Childrens Day by Amy Sumrall
Font-Chalk Dust
I know this isn't a page but I just wanted to show you the pic in which the next LO was done. I LOVE how it turned out.

Another SS, with Photo Cowgirl at GS. See how nice and clean he was? I just wanted to show that I did put some time and effort into the dirt on his skin and the shadowing. My current goal is shadowing and really nice boy LO's.
I used...
Junkyard Scraps by Holliewood (click her blinkie at the right)
Dirt in flower pot-A Nature's walk by Mandy Mystique's
Holliewood is my new most favorite designer. MUST figure out a way to get her kits cheaper. They are $6.50 a piece.

What's new?

Check out these awesome templates from Photo Cowgirl. Anyone can make a great page, even me! They are called Like 'Em Big. I love how the photo is the main focus. Kind of brings me back to what real scrapbooking is all about. Not just making a pretty page to sell but securing memories.

This is my Cosine, Ammie a few years back. The photo was taken by her sister Nikki. She takes the most amazing photos!
I used Photo Cowgirls I am worth it. I usually have to use another kit for greens, which I NEED with flowers.
Alpha-Sweet Love by Just so Scrappy
Leaves-Berry Pickin by A+ Designs
'A' Alpha-Owl Be Home-Designs by Helly
Tag-Front Porch by Thora
Sparkles-Slante by Jeanette Bollinger
Butterfly-Beautiful things by A+ Designs
Heart String-Romance me by A+ Designs
This is a dear Friend, Summer.
Photos by Dana Maurer
Template-I Like Em' Big by Photo Cowgirl
Dusty Rose by Modern June

Summer Again.
Photos by Dana Maurer.
Template-I Like Em' Big by Photo Cowgirl
In the Purple spotlight by Misty O'Brien, perfect with Summer's purple clothes.
Greens-Front Porch by Thora and Somewhere over the rainbow by Captivated Visions

I really hate this LO. I do LOVE the template but not fond of the kit for it.
My son Isaiah posing for his 3 year old photos. I used this photo to created his wanted poster. Turned out great!
Photo by Angela Evans
Template-I Like Em' Big by Photo Cowgirl
Charmed Embrace by Modern June
Buttons-Whooo Loves Fall by Jeanette Bollinger

Here's Helly's latest kit: Give me wings

Here's what I did with it. I used Gracie, Isaiah BF to create this page. Dana took this photo of Grace in a hamper and when I saw the trunk, this is the first photo I thought of. Please note that the heart scatters were created out of an element in the kit and not actually apart of it.

Helly's latest kit: Give me wings:

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mega Gra Bag Promo at Scrappity Doo Dah

Grab this beautiful Grab bag for a litmited time only at Scrappity doo dah for only $5.99.

New Designers at SDD

If you haven't yet, please welcome the following designers to Scrappity-Doo-Dah,
Sara Ellis-Store-Welcome Thread
Delicious Designs-Store-Welcome Thread
Lisete Scraps-Store-Welcome Thread
We are so glad to have all of you aboard. Can't wait to get to know you all better.