Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Whooo Loves fall QP

QP again for Whooo Loves fall? I reposted to for The SBB folks so you don't have to scroll too far.

FREE WA and My First mini

Here is the WA that I promised you. Hope you like my first attempt. I made it from the Wintersong kit-By Becca and Designs by Helly.

Also here is my first Mini for the Ess Nov Colour Challenge. My first attempt at a photo mask. Hope you like them.

Friday, November 13, 2009

My frist Photo Shoot

One of my friends needed Senior pictures done of her son and I volunteered. They liked almost 20 DIFFERENT poses. I will spare you and only post a few of my favs. Keep in mind that He's not a model and I'm not a professional photographer. Oh and they are un-edited.

Ok this one was edited. It's a bit too light because our wall mart pints things dark and they wanted a sheet of proofs. My friend Amanda suggested doing this with the name in Graffiti. I had to try it.

FREE QP from Wyld Web Designs Giggly Shop Hop

Here is the QP I promised. Sorry it was so late. Life just gets away from you from time to time.
Better late than never. I've been doing my freebies from media fire. If for some reason anyone has problems downloading from media fire let me know and I will try something different.

This QP comes from Wyld Web Designs Giggly Shop HopI Should have another Freebie this week. I made WA to go with Winter's song a Collab kit between By Becca and Designs by Helly. Here's the page I made with this fabulous kit.
I am up for LOTW over at Ginger Scraps. Please stop by and vote for me!

Friday, October 30, 2009


Don't forget to come back at the beginning of the week for a free QP :)

Wild Things

Here's one of my LO's from Helly's newest kit "Wild Things". I mad this at... yes another SS lol.


I used the same photo that I used for his wanted poster, posted down below;)


I just anted to share the wanted poster I Did for my son's party which is tomorrow. We are having a pony party. Can't wait to share the pics with you.

Wood paper-Wild things-Designs by Helly
Paper over lay-Happy Scrap Girl Designs
Paper clipped to overlay and swirls-Just so Scrappy
Rope-Twin Mom Scraps-It's a guy thing
Brushes-Obsidian Dawn
Nails-Extracted from photo


Giggly Shop Hop

Here's the latest kit from Graham like the Cracker. I will have a QP available for you next week. It's all done I just have to upload it to media fire. My son's Birthday party is tomorrow and I don't have time to do it just now.


This is the LO I did with it. It's me niece Gabby geetting her 1yr photos done at Sadies.

Like I said this will be a QP that will be available next week, so check back.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Clearance $ale

Head on over for Graham Like the Cracker's Clearance Sale. Won't wanna miss it!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

FREE QP-Whooo Loves Fall?

Here is my free QP using Jeanette Bollinger's kit, Whooo Loves Fall? Click on the QP to download. It's my first QP so I hope you like it!

Monday, August 24, 2009

I did 3 LO's today!!!

This is the first one from Helly's newest kit Fell from Heaven
Here's my LO. It's Isaiah from 2007 at around 7 mos.
Word art by me!
Photo from Sears.
Fonts: Julius Thyssen and Freebooter Script
I just did this one for a SS over at Ginger Scraps.
This is my Niece Gabby.
WA-Ir words about life by Words to Delite
Kit-Romance me by A+ Designs
Oh, I forgot about this one, I did this for a SS at Ginger Scraps the other night and I used it for Font challenge at ESS.
This is also my niece Gabby.
Kit-Fading Summer-By Becca
Fonts: Julius Thyssen, Lauren Script, Angelic War and Georgia
Quote: A daughter is a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous...full of beauty and forever beautiful...loving and caring and truly amazing.
~Deanna Beisser
This one is for a Template Challenge at Ginger Scraps.
Kit: Bamboo Zen by Wyld Web Designs
Template by Scrappy coca-altered
Font: Journal
Photo: Deviant Art
I'm working one the whole white space thing!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

"Chaotic" New mini kit-Designs by Helly

I know this is a bit late, but here is a LO I did with Helly's new Mini Kit Chaotic. It's too cute for my little biker babe!

You can pick it up at ESS, image is linked!

I promise I will get the hang of this bloging thing, and I just got a template from Color with Caryn to personalize my blog =) Just need to find the time lol.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Spiritual Wall-Self Portrait

Some of you might remember the wall that I did awhile back, asking for advice on how to make it look like the bricks were broken. Well I finally finished it. Ok well, finished is not quite the word but I need it for tonight's Celebrate Recovery to give my testimony. Let's all pray that I don't get sick.
I've had this in my head for about 7 yrs and the thought of drawing each and every brick seemed daunting. When I saw Bricks in the ESS store, I HAD to buy them. It felt so good to get it all out there and in a way to see my progress. It's been a long journey.

I'm not satisfied with the pile of bricks. If anyone has ANY suggestions, please fire away.
I still need to more QC on it but, for the most part it's done. Hope it touches somebody.

Secret Window by Chaos Lounge -Bricks, BG papers
Helga Stolzenwald-Plants, vines, flowers, trees and Chain
Rays of light-Angels Touch by Lorie M Designs
Clouds-Go Play Outside by Jeanette Bollinger (you can buy the clouds separate)
World and spikes (completely altered)-internet
Font: Chalk Dust and Frail and Bedazzled

Some other great news! I was just accepted to Jeaneate Bollinger's CT. I'm so excited, hopefully I'll have a new page from her kit sometime tomorrow. Depends on how nice it is out side lol. DS Doesn't like to stay in the house.

Here is a LO I did a GS's SS last night.
~Kit-Little Sighs by Graham like the Cracker
Font: Harrington
"Isaiah" (I am the worst at titles)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ok so today is my 9 mos from getting WLS (weight loss surgery) Since my camera is till drying out I will have to take a pic later and maybe post it tomorrow. Until then, I will post my before pictures.
Me at 9 mos Pregnant 10/2006
9 mos pregnant
July 2007
Summer 2007
September 2007-Atlantic City with the DH
Today, down 95lbs! Sorry I didn't pretty up for you. My DH just decided we are going to some zoo in Hershey.
side views aren't good for ANYONE!

This is from last nights SS at Ginger Scraps.
Grace's Dedication
I used the kit from Wyld Web Designs-Elegant Dusk (flowers, ribbon lace and frames recolored)
Paper rips-Gunhild
Fonts: Kristen ITC and Julius Thyssen
~Photos by David Williams

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August Scrapbook pages

"This is the day"
This is our PK Jordan at The Cross Roads Youth Retreat.
~Photo mask-Sugar N Spice by Mona Lisa Smile-Just plain fun
~Circle stitch-Jfox-Vintage chic
~Other stitch-Promise-Designs by Helly
~Everything else-Sands on the Beach-Designs by Tina
~Photo-Chris Griffiths

This is Grace
~Photo provided by Amanda
~Savannah-Designs by Helly
~Word Art-Shein

This is Grace.
~Photo provided by Amanda
~Everything is from Designs by Helly Steal my breath
~Fonts: Amazone, Fancy card text and Times new Roman

"Biker Babes"
~Hard Rock Mama, Designs by Helly free on her blog =)
~Template by Robyn Pail Designs
~Fonts: Times new Roman, Frail and Bedazzled and Fine hand
This is my DS Isaiah and his cousin Gabby.

"Underwater Dreaming"
Jeanette Bollinger's fun kit-Fishy Friends
Word Art was made by me using eight fifteen font
WA=underwater dreaming

Last night's Speed Scrap

Hi all I did that SS last night at Ginger Scraps. Here's my Layout.
~Summer fun (papers, grass, stick, bubbles, ball and stitching)-Just so Scrappy
~Poolside fun (water droplets)-Scrapper's Delight
~Alpha-Apple Spice-Charlie's Digiscraps
~Font-Kristin ITC

The pics were taken yesterday of Isaiah on the Slip and Slide. Hence the title. We actually it's Slip and Slide2 cause I already did one with the that title lol.

There's another SS tonight I'll probably be at 9PM at GS. I have to get my wall done for Thursday and when I do I will also post that. Oh and Tomorrow or Thursday is my 9 mos. anniversary for my surgery. I will post some before and after photos!