Thursday, July 14, 2011

Made with Love

I made this lo to remember all of the hard work
I put into making my son's birthday as special as it could be!
I had a superhero birthday party for him, complete with a superhero training course, a superhero, a letter to invite them to training camp and a cape made in their fav colors with their initial on the back. They also received a certificate of completion along with
their personalized capes.
I used Made with Love by Lisete Scrap
This is the invitation that I made for his birthday party. I tried to make it look like a comic book. I took the photos on my stairs and had him pose as if he was shooting me with a spider web. I processed it through PS7 to get a look that I liked.
I used a photo of Isaiah and Crash Boomm Pow by Armina Designs (some things were altered for color)
Cob webs-All Hallows eve by Holliewood studios

In everyone's thank you's I like to send a little memento of the days festivities. Last year it was a little wanted poster to go with his pony party. This year was a news paper. I thought that it was only fitting.
I used Party photos and each child got one that featured themselves.
I used a template by Tangie Baxter-Cu Newspaper template. I can't find it in her store I'm not sure if It's included in her kit,
Hero of the night which I also bought.